As many of you know, THICKER THAN WATER is a story inspired in large part by my brother and his battle with prescription drugs. My relationship to my brother feeds into so much of what I write when I write about siblings – and I also firmly believe that our siblings are the first love stories in our lives.


To celebrate siblings and sibling books that are kick-ass, I’ve teamed up with author Alexis Bass (LOVE AND OTHER THEORIES and WHAT’S BROKEN BETWEEN US) to create a giveaway for NATIONAL SIBLING DAY on April 10th!




How do you enter? It’s easy! Using the hashtag #SIBLINGSTELLALL, just TWEET, TUMBLE, or INSTA-POST a picture of you and your sibling OR a story about you and your sibling. It can be short – think 140 characters! A couple of great examples include:


My brother ate a caterpillar in our driveway when he was four. I never told anyone. #SIBLINGSTELLALL




My sister has a black dress she made from 46 neckties she got at goodwill. #talentedgenes #SIBLINGSTELLALL


or a picture like:



Me and my bro – ages 7 and 2! #SIBLINGSTELLALL


So, obviously it’s up to you what you decide to do – but all tumbles, tweets, etc. will be entered to win gift cards and books, courtesy of me and Alexis! Books and gift cards you can share with your siblings…or, you know, not 😉


We can’t wait to see what you come up with – and remember that all winners will be chosen on 4/11. US Only 🙂


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