I’m thrilled to announce Booklist’s great review of THICKER THAN WATER!



Thicker than Water


Fiore, Kelly (Author)


Jan 2016. 320 p. HarperTeen, hardcover, $17.99. (9780062324733).


Cyrus is dead, and his sister, CeCe, killed him. At least that’s what she told the police, and now she is locked up in a treatment center, awaiting trial, and reliving all the events that brought her to this point. While he was once a promising soccer player, treatment of an injury caused Cyrus to get hooked on OxyContin, putting a greater strain on a family already significantly burdened—Cyrus and CeCe’s mom died from cancer a few years earlier. For CeCe, a promising chemistry student, college has long seemed like her only escape. But with money tight and Cyrus demanding more and more of it, college increasingly seems like an impossibility. CeCe soon finds herself caught in the seedy world of Cyrus’ addiction, making a dangerous choice that will change them both forever.


This tense psychological drama navigates both drug addiction and difficult family dynamics to great effect. Gritty but never melodramatic, it explores tough choices, the price of forgiveness, and the lengths we will go for family.



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