Blurbs and Blurbs and Blurbs – OH MY!

You know, time is an incredibly precious commodity. None of us have as much as we’d like and many of us wish we could get more done in the hours we do get every day.



That’s why I feel so incredibly honored to tell you about three fantastic writers who took time out of their busy writing  schedules and lives in general to read THICKER THAN WATER and give it some really lovely endorsements.



So, without further ado…



“THICKER THAN WATER is an authentic depiction of how an addict is never a sole victim to his disease. It’s a moving story of a sister’s grief at losing her brother to drugs, her guilt at the part she may or may not have played, and her journey to the other side of suffering, where she learns grace and empathy lie. An emotional and true read.”




Carrie Arcos, National Book Award finalist



“Kelly Fiore takes a sure-footed step into the field of YA fiction with a fast-paced novel that has all of the pieces, including a wry, edgy protagonist forced to untangle a complicated web of drugs, college dreams, and family.”





Jenny Hubbard, 2015 Printz Honor recipient, William C. Morris Award finalist




“A searing exploration of addiction and a heartbreaking portrait of a family coming apart at the seams. CeCe and her long road to redemption will stay with readers long after the last page.”





Kara Taylor/Kara Thomas, award winning author of DEADLY LITTLE SINS



These authors are masters of their craft – truly at the top of their game – and I am beyond fortunate to have their names and good works associated with my little book that could. Thank you, ladies, for taking the time and energy to blurb my book. I owe you a fruit basket or a pony or something fabulous.


But, the very least I can do is offer a giveaway of their books as we get closer to the release of THICKER THAN WATER – so stay tuned for that!



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