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So, I’m writing. Well, yeah, right now, clearly. But I mean writing like WRITING-writing. Book writing. Which means that, when I sit down at the computer, I look at the screen and:1. Do a million other things that aren’t writing … Continue reading

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This is what happens when I’m really, really writing, as opposed to the partial half-writing that I so often have to resort to — radio silence. While I want to blog and I’d like to blog, I feel like I’m … Continue reading

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The other day a friend asked me where I write. “In bed…” I said sheepishly.“WHAT?!” She was astounded. I tried to qualify my answer.“Not, like, under the covers or anything — just, on the bed itself.” “But…why?” she asked. And … Continue reading

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I know it doesn’t sound like something to love, but copy edits on your manuscript are, in fact, a huge blessing. As an English teacher, I like to think I know a lot about grammar and punctuation. As a YA … Continue reading

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I spent the day today at the SCBWI MD/DE/WV regional conference. It’s actually a two-day event, but I was only able to go to one day. That being said, though, I think I picked the right day to attend. I heard … Continue reading

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Today’s Road Trip Wednesday over at YA Highway is about movies: more specifically – What movie have you seen that actually (gasp!) improved on the book? I took all day to think about this. Yeah, really — I know, I … Continue reading

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Any chef/cook/mother worth their salt knows that “all purpose flour” isn’t necessarily best for all purposes. There is flour with higher gluten for bread baking. There is cake flour, which adds leavening agents. There’s flour from different grains – i.e. … Continue reading

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and “make it work.” Lots of my friends ask me how I manage to find time to write, or how I’m able to balance it all. I’m married, I have a four year-old, I have a full time job teaching, … Continue reading

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Thanks to YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday, I’ve been compelled to think about…high school. Which isn’t so much of a stretch, since I teach high school. And write about high school students. So, really, it’s just another day. Yesterday’s topic … Continue reading

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The lovely ladies (all ladies, right?) at YA Highway are talking about first book sales vs. expectations today. Everyone’s experience is different, that goes without saying. Here’s mine: It was late March 2011 when I found out from my agent … Continue reading

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